Pest Control of Silverfish

Silverfish are a small, wingless insect measuring normally 20mm or less in length. They have three tails or cerci and their body is covered in tiny silver scales.

Its name comes from its silvery blue color along with its fish-like appearance and movements. Silverfish are commonly found outdoors under bark, rocks, leaf and plant compost, in soil and animal burrows.

They also can live inside homes in dark, humid, crevice-ridden environments – especially bathrooms (take away these elements and it will not be able to survive). They feed on fungi and plant materials. In homes they like to feed on starch rich substances such as paper, book bindings, wallpaper glue and sometimes photographs.

Control of Silverfish

★ Keep areas un-cluttered and clean. This will limit the possible number of crevices and breeding areas. Keeping an area cold will also deter Silverfish. Freezing can kill silverfish but will not necessarily kill their eggs.

★ A Borax or Boric acid and sugar solution (ration 1:1) is a reliable bait to kill Silverfish (it is relatively non-toxic to non-insects.

★ To capture Silverfish you can leave either whole peeled potato or wet cloth with plaster on it next to the areas of concern overnight. This will attract the silverfish. You then need to quickly dispose of the potato or cloth with the silverfish early the next morning.

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